How to start this blog I haven’t a fucking clue. So I’m just going to type shit about myself, I’m from Yorkshire, the original home of England. I’m from a place called Bradford which is basically a city dug between a huge valley that runs into the Pennines. I’m currently 21 and a Graphic Design student living in Wimbledon, London. I study at the UCA, Epsom which really is a bag of shit and anybody reading this thinking of higher education, don’t. 

As I’m going to end up boring myself with an introduction, I will just put the basic’s. I’m a graphic designer, an illustrator and I enjoy writing, just as a hobby, hence why I started this tremendously long blog. I’m a very secretive person and I the only way I wish to express my ideas and thoughts are by writing, not by drawing, funny enough. This either means I’m a really shit illustrator, or I need to sort myself out. Either way… I hope you read my endless blog posts about daily crap life, or memoirs of my own events that I feel need sharing. Most of my embarrassing events happen in my little village in Bradford called Wibsey, but we’ll get onto that soon enough. WORD X